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Weider - Total rush 2.0

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Size:375 g

Low fat and low sugar ultrafiltrated protein, aspartame free.


New Formula For Even Better Results!
Pre-Workout & N.O. Booster Formula
Increase Physical Performance During High-Speed Training
Reduce Fatigue And Stress
Total Rush has been redesigned to provide a better and more effective formula. Weider’s research team has been inspired by the latest scientific advances and the newest ingredients to create a more efficient formula and 100% legal.

Total Rush 2.0 will take you to new heights, it will also reduce your timings, help you to train more more intensely and reach that repetition that makes the difference. It has been specially thought for that last nudge and to avoid that last energy slump you usually feel after training. Its optimized formula contains the same active ingredients, those that you like and work so well, together with new state-of-the-art active substances such as glutamine peptides Sustamine® and Oxystorm®, amaranth seeds extract that supply nitrates for maximum vascularization


Per 25 g scoop

-L-citrulin malat 6000 mg

-L-arginine 4600 mg

-Creatine monohydrate 3400 mg

-Beta-alanin 3300 mg

-N-acetyl-l-tyrosin 1000 mg

-Taurine 1000 mg

-L-glycine 1000 mg

-Inca wheat extract (oxystorm) 300 mg

-Caffeine 200 mg

-L-alanyl-l-glutamin 200 mg

-Vitamin D 1.25 mcg

-Vitamin C 200 mg

-Niacin 16 mg

-Vitamin B6 0.7 mg

-Vitamin B12 1.25 mcg

- Calcium 220 mg

-Zinc 5 mg


1 serving per day, before workout. The recommendation is for 6 weeks. Then take a break for 2-4 weeks. Mix 25g of powder with 300ml water.