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Seventeen - Oil Control Lotion - Oily Skin

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For oily skin types.
Removes makeup and cleanser residue.
Balances the pH.
Regulates oil and sebum production.
Contains a Yeast & Mushroom Biological Complex and Rosemary extract.


Use the Oil Control Lotion after thoroughly cleansing your face, day and night, to perfect the results of your oil-regulating creams. The Oil Control Lotion completes your facial cleansing and regulates oil and sebum production and minimizes your pores thanks to the Yeast & Mushroom Biological Complex all the while the Rosemary extract makes any sign of fatigue magically disappear. The Oil Control Lotion is especially designed to respond to the needs of oily skin types and is able to balance the skin’s pH levels and leave it feeling deeply purified, having that matte look we’re all craving for. By using the Oil Control Lotion, you create the perfect base for your cream to work its magic and have the best possible results in conditioning and rejuvenating your skin.


Apply the lotion day and night, using a cotton pad on a clean face and neck before applying your cream.