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SCITEC Nutrition - Hot Blood Pink Lemonade

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Size:275 g

Designed to support your body in physical activity, especially during high-intensity training.


When you train or are engaged in physical activity and you reach a certain intensity, your body and blood heat up so you can work more efficiently. Our HOT BLOOD 2.0 complex pre-workout formula is carefully designed to support your body in physical activity, especially during high-intensity training! Our 5 component, multi-creatine matrix is 4500 milligrams and provides - among others - the most studied Creatine form ever! Creatine in this dose is scientifically proven to increase performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise like weight training and interval cardio! Many of our select ingredients contribute to one or more of the following beneficial physiological effects: - Normal muscle function. - Normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle. - Reduction of tiredness and fatigue. - Normal energy-yielding metabolism. - Normal amino acid/protein synthesis. - Normal psychological function. - Electrolyte balance.


proprietary matrix:

Cell-volume maximizer blend: multi-vector creatine matrix (tricreatine malate, MicronTec creatine monohydrate, tricreatine orotate), pre-creatine factor (betain [TMG: trimetilglicin], taurine.

Nitric oxide & vasodilation enhancers: AAKG (arginine alpha ketoglutarate), arginine base, arginine ethyl ester, GAKIC (Glycine Arginine Alpha-Ketoisocaproate), citrulline malate, nicotinic acid.

Energizers & nootropic factors: L-tyrosine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, methylxanthines (caffeine), niacin.

Antioxidant complex for NO support: green tea extract (95% polyphenols), grape seed extract (95% polyphenols), alpha lipoic acid.

“Expressorb” active substance delivery enhance-ment system: sodium hydrogen carbonate, glucose polymers, inulin, naringin, Bioperine.
† Percent Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: citric acid, acesulfame-K, sucralose, tricalcium phosphate, natural and artificial flavor (punch), color (ponceau).*

guarana: natural and artificial flavor (guarana), color (ponceau).

blood orange: natural and artificial flavor (blood orange), color (ponceau, orange)

grapefruit: natural and artificial flavor (grapefruit), color (carmosin, yellow)

orange juice: natural and artificial flavor (orange juice), color (orange)

pineapple: natural and artificial flavor (pineapple), color (yellow)

pink lemonade: natural and artificial flavor (pink lemonade), color (strawberry red)

tropical punch: natural and artificial flavor (punch), color (ponceau)


Mix 1 serving 300-500 ml cold water. Use 30-45 minutes before training on an empty stomach. When using as a creatine supplement, drink one serving 30 minutes before a meal, preferably before breakfast. Important warning! HOT BLOOD contains absorption modifiers that could affect your medications – consult your physician first!