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Optimal - Manual Breast Reliever

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For breastfeeding mothers experiencing engorgement or swollen breasts.


Optimal Manual Breast Reliever operates in just one hand, efficient and easy to use. Adaptable to any breast size. Allow mom to extract milk, increase the flow of milk and prevent the inflammation of mammary glands. It is effective in massaging the breast and relieving the sensation of fullness. Thanks to its manual operation, with this practical breast milk pump you won't need any power source, making it ideal for use on the go. This milking aid is remarkable for its high level of comfort and ease of use. Moderate suction, smooth pumping action, ideally suited for occasional use. Gentle suction pressure helps correct inverted nipples. The Pump is made of Rubber, Suction Cup: Polypropylene and O Ring: Polypropylene.


Squeeze the rubber ball continuously to extract milk from breast.
In the meantime, massage the breast to make the milk flowing out easier.
Wash it thoroughly before and after use.