Optimal - Digital Flexible Thermometer - ORAS OFFICIAL
Optimal - Digital Flexible Thermometer - ORAS OFFICIAL


Optimal - Digital Flexible Thermometer

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The digital thermometer offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading.


With Optimal Digital Flexible Thermometer, you can measure your temperature through oral or underarm. Although the generally accepted "normal" temperature is 37.0°C, temperature can be attributed to activities such as exercise, smoking, eating and drinking. Even time of day may influence your temperature. For example, your temperature is lower in the morning than in the afternoon. Other variations may be due to the location of the temperature reading. While the oral temperature follows the guidelines described above, an axillary (under the arm) temperature will be 0.5°C lower.


1. Press On/Off button to activate. The unit will beep and display.
2. When Lo and flashing °C displays, the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring ( measuring time 30 seconds).
3. The temperature will automatically turn off in about 10 minutes for energy-saving. It is suggested to press On/Off button to turn the thermometer off once the temperature measuring is finished.
Oral use: The mouth should remain closed up to 2 mins before attempting a reading.
Axillary use: Wipe the under arm with a dry towel and close your armpit at least 5 mins before attempting a reading.