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Gillette - PRO Sensitive Shave Foam

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Size:250 ml

Gillette PRO sensitive shave foam for men cools to soothe skin and hydrates facial hair.


Gillette pro sensitive deep shave Foam with fresh texture is a 2 in 1 gel offering an easy glide and a soft shaving for all skin types. Rich in shea butter, glycerin and cacao butter, this gel softens the hair to ensure a very soft shaving. The glycerin and lubrajel oil prepare the skin before shaving for a soft, precise and comfortable shaving. Moisturizing, this shave foam offers a real comfort of glide.

  1. Apply the shaving cream thinly with fingertips to the area to be shaved.
  2. Then shave as normal.
  3. Once finished shaving the cream will rinse away instantly without a trace of residue.