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Garnier - Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask

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It hydrates, revitalizes and reduces the appearances of any eye bags.


This eye mask really lives up to the expectation! It will intensely hydrate, revitalize and reduce the appearances of any eye bags. It helps decrease black circles and revivifies the under eye, to make it feel tighter. The brand claims the skin temperature will be reduced by up to 4°c after use of one of their masks, which is absolutely true.
The patches easily fit under your eyes and are really easy to apply as they stick well to the skin. They are also quite simple to remove and the excess cream is quickly absorbed by your skin. Thanks to the cooling effect and Hyaluronic Acid, you will notice an effect right away. The skin under your eyes will definitely feel improved, plump, hydrated and bright.


This eye mask is pretty easy to use. For a more cooling effect, keep it in the fridge before use. The brand recommends to take it out and separate the patches from the protective film then gently apply the patches under your eyes, on clean skin. Smooth each patch gently to ensure contact with the skin, adjusting the them to the targeted under eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove the mask. Gently massage the excess formula into the skin as it is highly hydrating.