Chicco - Well Being Bottle 0m+ - ORAS OFFICIAL
Chicco - Well Being Bottle 0m+ - ORAS OFFICIAL


Chicco - Well Being Bottle 0m+

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Soft silicone teat slow flow, usable from birth with 150ml of capacity, completely transparent, soft, and hygienic material. It does not absorb tastes and odors and does not lose its shape even after repeated sterilizations.


Protect your child against colic, regurgitation and irritability! Features and Benefits:- proven anti-colic effect: anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air intake, helping to reduce irritability, regurgitation and colic after feeding  
- the broad base of the teat adapts comfortably to the child's lips, helping it naturally suck 
- The nipple is soft and elastic, facilitating the transition from breast to bottle and vice versa. 
- The ergonomic shape of the bottle is especially practical for both mother and baby. 
- the teat is made of a "mum effect" silicone, which mimics the velvety texture of the mother's skin 
- Rapid teat: Ideal for children a little bigger