Nuk - Baby Rose & Blue Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL
Nuk - Baby Rose & Blue Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL
Nuk - Baby Rose & Blue Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL


Nuk - Baby Rose & Blue Soother 0-6 m

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Orthodontic shape that promotes healthy oral development & reduces pressure on jaws and teeth.


There are many exciting adventures for your little ones every day. In the course of these, a soother is a reliable friend who gives babies feelings of safety and security as well as being able to soothe them. Whether it is unfamiliar faces, sounds or surroundings that have unsettled your little one, familiar, instinctive sucking on the soother will quickly relax your baby again. The anatomically shaped mouth shield with its flat button helps prevent pressure marks when lying on the front or side, making the soother ideal for when falling asleep.The practical ring on the soother is made of high-quality polypropylene and is easy for even the tiniest of hands to grasp.The transparent silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly heat-resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface.
Nuk Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. That is ensured by the narrow, flat and thin baglet. It minimises the pressure on the little teeth and jaw and leaves the tongue enough free space for natural sucking movements. Nuk soothers have the Nuk Air System which allows air to escape out of the baglet through a vent. This means it stays nicely soft and pliable and relieves the jaw. BPA Free.