Nuk - Happy Days Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL
Nuk - Happy Days Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL
Nuk - Happy Days Soother 0-6 m - ORAS OFFICIAL


Nuk - Happy Days Soother 0-6 m

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Pleasant feeling in mouth, plenty room for natural sucking movements.


Nuk, inventors of the soother that is right for the jaw, have now made the original shape even better. It is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds, fitting optimally into the mouth when the baby sucks on it. The special thing about this soother: it is particularly thin and narrow to reduce the pressure on the teeth and jaws. The flat baglet and the smooth underside ensure a pleasant feeling in the mouth and give the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements. NUK Soothers are an optimal fit in children’s mouths and are therefore accepted by babies particularly quickly. This is the way they provide relaxation for both babies and their parents.
Nuk Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. That is ensured by the narrow, flat and thin baglet. It minimises the pressure on the little teeth and jaw and leaves the tongue enough free space for natural sucking movements – two more reasons why the Nuk Soother is highly rate and at the same time recommended by midwives, paediatricians and orthodontists.