Beurer - FB 21 Foot Spa - ORAS OFFICIAL
Beurer - FB 21 Foot Spa - ORAS OFFICIAL
Beurer - FB 21 Foot Spa - ORAS OFFICIAL


Beurer - FB 21 Foot Spa

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Foot spa with carrying handle, 2-in-1 foot flex zone massage & pedicure.


Portable boost of freshness for tired feet. The foot bath with pedicure attachments and infrared light field provides relaxing care for your feet.

- Accessories: 3 interchangeable massage attachments (nub attachment, round attachment, cylinder-shaped attachment).
- Bubble massage: The product is equipped to perform a revitalising bubble massage.
- Foot reflex zone massage: Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage to boost your well-being.
- Infrared light: For use with colds and muscle tension.
- Gentle vibration massage: Vibration massage for stress reduction.
- Removable roller attachments for foot reflex zone massage.
- Foot rest with massage naps.
- With practical carrying handle.
- Removable splash protection.
- Non-slip rubber feet.
- Cord winder.
- Draining outlet.
- Suitable for up to shoe size 49.


Dimensions: 36 x 42 x 17 cm, Output in watts: 60.